A Complete Enterprise Solution


An Introduction to ERManager

Every company is asking its personnel to do more with less and to leverage technology to increase productivity. But one needs to understand and accept the solution that will provide positive return on investment.

The demand for products is getting higher in variety and shorter in lead-time. Only through a tight integration – from the customer’s customer to supplier’s supplier – can a company hope to successfully compete. Before any company can be linked effectively into a world-class agile supply chain, their own internal processes must be world class. Like the old saying, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Many companies are attempting to link with suppliers and customers only to find that the relationship unravels due to lack of basic controls in their own business. ERP is a way to effectively plan and manage all the resources of an enterprise.

The ERManager ERP Solutions is a totally integrated solution, which maintains all detailed information of various departments, Locations, Divisions & Companies, on-line & interrelated simultaneously. ERManager executes modules such as Finance Management, Materials Management, Production Planning &Shop Floor Controlling, Purchase Management, Sales Management, Quality Management, Material Requisition Planning – MRP, Human Resource Management,  not only individually but also in combination to save organization’s valuable time and efforts to give it required information at its fingertips.

Once ERManager is installed, it generates foolproof documents of transactions with built-in controls. It provides routine information required by the company to satisfy the statutory requirements related to bookkeeping. Easy generation of reports for management and taxation purposes, Sales Tax, Income Tax, etc. and thus thoroughly satisfies the audit requirements. It provides crisp information (MIS) at any time for important managerial decisions. All this is achievable with reduced data entry in the system.




ERManager is the system for you.

ERManager is a system for effectively planning and managing all the resources of an enterprise, from the perspective of the business manager. This system not only helps you in maintaining Production & Inventory but even your Supply Chain Management that guides you to ensure the management has the information needed to run an organization efficiently. The added value of information is dependent on the level of knowledge of the user. ERManager provides quick access to data and information that were generated in different areas of the company that means new information is available to decision makers that helps them in taking better and faster decisions.

Under the same platform, an integrated information system that uses one database for the whole organization with the connectivity to the intranet and internet, the availability of integrated information has become a reality and hence ERManager ensures better business.

Modular Structure:

ERManager is distributed in different modules like

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payable
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Bank and Cash Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Quality Management
  • Sales Management
  • Foreign Trade Document Management
  • Material Requisition Planning – MRP
  • Production Planning Management & Shop Floor Control
  • Budgeting and Costing
  • Human Resources Management
  • Secondary Sales Management
  • Field Force Management

IS Solutions evolved to strengthen up the ERManager;

  • Textile-IS (Textile & Merchandising Information System – Module)
  • ENG-IS (Engineering Information System – Module)

Access to Transactions:

Unique T-Codes (Transaction Codes) for instant Form selection as well as Side Menu to select the desired transaction and pull down menus been provided. No detailed knowledge of computer or programming is necessary to use the product.

Entry Level Validation:

The system checks errors at entry level with automatic number generation for all documents.

Highly Integrated Accounting:

Maintain on-line & print debit / credit vouchers, journals, cash, bank, cheques, invoices, sales tax invoices, bills passing slip, receipts, issues, transfers gate passes etc.

User Levels Authentication:

User level security and authentication ensures that every user is tracked and is accountable for all the transactions.


This disallows any document to be changed if any other document has been generated, only reverse allowed to authorized user.

User Friendly:

Needless to say that ERManager is designed and developed in such a way that even a novice user can start using the system with very less amount of training.


  • The saving can be achieved by efficient and proper control on Production & dispatch activities.
  • Reliable and properly maintenance.
  • Business processes are aligned through standard Business Process Reengineering according to the industry standards.
  • Establish responsibility to every action of the employee.
  • Capture all relevant transactions.
  • Maintaining complete required history.
  • Considerably reduction in paper work for every staff members so they can concentrate on the bigger picture.
  • Improvement in quality and products through MIS data.
  • Maintaining the data integrity of different plants.
  • Maintaining the data integrity between transactions.
  • To make the workflow system efficient and organized.
  • Manage and control all the processes involved in plant.
  • System Dashboards to help tracking online activities in the system as well as support the quick decision making.


  • Better decision-making by access the right information in real time to identify concerns early and pursue opportunities proactively.
  • Improves Productivity, Efficiency, and Responsiveness extend the reach of business processes to connect more people in real time within and beyond the enterprise.
  • Provide easy access to consolidate, consistent views of your processes.
  • Reduce costs through increased flexibility by deploy additional business functionality as your needs evolve, reducing costs and facilitating change.
  • Adaptability to business change seamlessly integrates your end-to-end processes.
  • Reduced risk by implement ERP with minimal disruption to on-going business processes.
  • Better financial management and corporate governance by gain deep visibility into your organization and fulfil global needs and legal requirements.
  • Optimized IT spending eliminate high integration costs and the need to purchase supplemental third-party products.
  • Faster, higher ROI through implement of ERP using rapid implementation techniques at less than half the cost of traditional approaches.
  • Higher staff morale and productivity by provide employee self-services to boost staff morale and increase productivity.
  • Strategy and performance management helps you to translate strategies and objectives into meaningful plans for every segment and department of your enterprise.
  • Cost and profitability management by assigning overhead costs, manage the costs incurred by products and services, and analyse the profitability of products and services.
  • Working capital and cash flow management manages working capital management with functions that optimize logistics processes and improve liabilities and receivables management.
  • Procurement monitoring monitors purchasing operations and provide a detailed analysis of purchasing activities and procurement processes.
  • Inventory and warehouse management assess your organization’s actual stock situation based on quantity- and value-based criteria. Analyse warehouse activities, such as the physical flow of materials and workloads.
  • Production Planning provides various standard reports and analyses detailing production related information.


ERManager has been developed using the technology that gives the security and ruggedness to ensure its functionality in the prevailing conditions at the shop floor.

  • The Front-end is developed using .NET (Latest framework).
  • The Backend is database independent (Use Oracle, SQL Server etc.) that ensures total security and no data loss or corruption.
  • The Reports are developed using Crystal Report along with the built-in Crystal Reporting tool.
  • With the latest version of ERManager system can be access via Cloud Environment.

We have number of Implementations in Pakistan & Middle East with renowned & satisfied clients on deck. Some of the business sectors where we provided our local ERP solution are;

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Garments & Textiles
  • Advertisement and Activation Agencies
  • Auto Parts Manufacturers
  • Food Sector
  • Packages
  • Sugar Industry
  • Polypropylene Industry
  • Engineering Sector
  • Surgical Items Manufacturers
  • Lubricants & Oils
  • Pipe Manufacturers
  • Diaper Manufacturers
  • Chemical Industries (Manufacturers and Traders)




FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Multiple company & branches support
Company setup
Configurable chart of account (Unlimited Levels)

Single chart of account for group companies / branches

Separate chart of account for each company
Define multiple financial entities for consolidated reporting
Create recurring and reversal journal vouchers
Post to multiple fiscal periods (including the future year) subject to definable controls


General Ledger Natural chart of account
Unlimited foreign currency transaction
Seamless links with subsidiary ledgers
Complete audit trial
Unlimited balance sheet version
Reversal document tracking
Voucher display and printing
Eight column trail balance
Drilled down facility in trial balance on transaction level
Cost centre accounting
Cost Centre financial tracking and planning
Expense allocation – cost centre wise in G/L
Journal voucher entries – cost centre wise
Cash and bank management
Post cash entries
Book incoming post-dated cheques from vendors
Book outgoing post-dated cheques to customers


Account Payable Vendor master maintenance
Unlimited vendor grouping
Vendor invoice without PO
Vendor payment with invoice clearing
Foreign currency payment
Vendor clearing
Down payment to vendor
Down payment adjustment in payment
Postdate cheque handling


Account Receivable Customer master maintenance
Unlimited customer grouping
Customer invoice without sales order
Customer collection with invoice clearing
Down payment from customer record
Variable period customer aging
Outstanding information (customer wise and invoice wise)
Customer clearing
Postdate cheque handling


Financial Budgeting Budget planning
Account head selection for budget
Plan budgets
Actual budget
Budgeted VS Actual (comparison)


Fixed Assets Maintain asset acquisitions
Maintain disposal of assets process
Complete depreciation model


PURCHASES MANAGEMENT Stream line processes and strengthen purchase power
Tracks and controls the entire purchasing function
Maintain contracts and agreements
Comprehensive pricing schemes
Pre-Purchase Processes Purchase requisition maintenance
Request for quotation maintenance
Quotation recording
Vendor analysis
Purchase Order Purchase order with requisition
Purchase order without requisition
Purchase order history with detail tracking
Detail purchase order pricing schemes
Schedule purchase order for multiple goods received
Capability to create PO with inventory item as well as non-inventory item
Purchase order for services
Post-Purchase Order Process Goods receipt with PO
Invoice receipt with PO
Goods receipt without PO
Invoice receipt without PO
Closing adjustments for PO


INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Multiple plants / stores
Multiple plant maintenance – company wise
Maintain multiple material types (Raw, Finish, Tools, etc.)
Maintain multiple characteristics for a single material
Maintain inventory correction – (Rates, Quantity)
Master Data Material master data
Plant and store master data
Minimum and maximum order quantity
Multiple material valuation
Plant and store level stocks
Multi batch processing
Good Receipt Good receipt without PO
Goods receipt with PO
Semi / Finished receipt from production
Semi / Fin. receipt from subcontractor – with or without purchase order
Goods receipt using bar code device
Good Issue Goods issue to production with reservation
Goods issue to production without reservation
Goods issue for departmental use
Goods issue to sales order
Goods return to vendors
Goods issue to subcontractors – with or without purchase order
Goods Transfer Goods transfer from one plant to another plant
Goods transfer from quality to main store
Goods transfer from material to material
Goods transfer from one store to another store


SALES MANAGEMENT Stream line processes and strengthen sales power
Tracks and controls the entire sales function
Maintain contracts and agreements
Comprehensive pricing schemes
Customer Master Data Unlimited customer grouping
Multiple customer types
Forms link between Accounting and Sales
Sales Order Processing Sales quotation and sales inquiry processing
Block and unblock Quotations, Inquiries and Sales Order
Multiple sales order types
Detailed sales order entry
Business partner information in sales order
Stock availability reporting at the time of sales order booking
Scheduling for multiple deliveries
Can attach any external document with sales order
Detail workflow for authorization
Maintain exchange rates at sales order
Maintain tax criteria at sales order
Delivery And Bill Processing Automatic billing and delivery documents
Same Doc. No. for delivery and billing for cross referencing
Return order processing (Delivery and Billing)
Changes to delivery and billing with audit trial
Multiple delivery order to a sales order
Multiple billing document to sales order
Inventory check at the time of delivery order


PRODUCTION PLANNING & MANAGEMENT Take the worry out of product planning
Convert time consuming , manual steps into stream lined
Online processes to improve enterprise production planning
Master Data Multi-level bill of material
Work centre
Production Planning Plan order process (Make to Order, Make to Stock)
Material requirement and planning – MRP
Production Management Maintain production order with or without inspection
Shop floor controlling
Labour wise engagement
Machine wise engagement
Monthly schedule and delivery information
Raw material reservation
Work centre wise production information
Operation ledger
Operation wise conformation
Production order confirmation
Revoke production order
Goods issue with confirmation using back flush


Cost Controlling And Budgeting Reconcile top-down targets and bottom-up forecast
Turn controlling and budgeting into source of advantage
Complete cost planning (Cost centre, Production, Product wise)
Cost allocation
Cost Object Structure Cost centre master and hierarchy
Cost element master and hierarchy
Activity rate master
Cost order master


Planning And Budgeting Ability to keep multiple planning version
Plan and actual analysis at the cost centre level
Detailed planning tools
Cost controlling against the production overheads


QUALITY MANAGEMENT Increase productivity while maintaining and improving quality
Plan while the quality control processes for incoming and outgoing goods, and optimizes the cost
Quality result recording for future analysis
Quality Master Data Unlimited quality characteristics
Unlimited quality classes
Multiple inspection type
Quality for Inventory Processes Quality inspection at goods receiving with purchase order
Quality inspection at goods receiving without purchase order
Quality inspection at goods receiving from production
Quality inspection at goods received from customer in case of rejection
Quality inspection at goods issue to customer
Quality for Production Processes Quality inspection at operation confirmation
Quality inspection at work in progress