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The SAP Business Suite is the gold standard in enterprise-level business applications…


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SAP Business One is affordable business management software for small to medium growing companies.


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ERManager, a comprehensive and state of the art Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that provide detailed Management…


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SAP e-Academy

SAP e-Academy – SuperNova Solutions represent SAP Education’s latest flexible learning program…


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welcome to SuperNova Solutions

SuperNova Solutions is a well-established business consultancy firm with in-depth knowledge from IT Application to Business Process Re-engineering. SuperNova Solutions specializes in SAP ERP sales, development, training, implementation, post Go-Live support and maintenance since last 15 years. We are also approved SAP education partner and provide specialized training in all SAP modules. The company has a client base spread over many countries. The major reason for the success is cost effective consulting, timely delivery and effective use of hi-tech-computing tools available in the market and above all, pool of highly talented domain experts, energetic and certified SAP consultants and software engineers.

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Client's testimonials

Mehran Spices is using SuperNova Solutions, ERManager – ERP from 2001.We are using ERManager for Financial Accounting, Material Management, Production Planning and Sales Management. Production Planning was pain area for us, ERManager help us through recipes– bill of material. ERManager automate our business processes and play a vital role in our business growth.

- Mehran Spices,

Sajid Hakeem from SuperNova Solutions conducted session on ERP in corporate world, in this session student learned the importance of ERP – SAP for their career

- Institute of Business Management – IoBM Mr. Prof. Moin,

Mr. Sajid Hakeem from SuperNova Solutions our alumni conduct a workshop on SAP which gave a brief background of SAP and why SAP is a leading enterprise solutions provider.

- Institute of Business Adminitration – Dr. Shakeel Khoja, Professor

We acquired SuperNova Solutions for role-out  services of SAP at enterprise level and we find out quality services from SuperNova Solutions.

- Bayer Pharmaceuticals,

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